The Complete List of Ultimate Member Shortcodes and How to Use Them

[ultimatemember]Login, Register, profile form and member directory.form_id
[ultimatemember_account]Account Shortcodetemplate, mode, form_id, tab
[um_loggedin]Logged-in only contentlock_text, show_lock
[um_loggedout]Logged-out only content
[um_show_content]Show custom content to specific roleroles, not, is_profile
[um_author_profile_link]Display post author’s link to UM User Profile.class, title, user_id, raw
[ultimatemember_password]Display forms to users to reset their passwords.

UM User Profile URL [um_author_profile_link]

Display post author’s link to UM User Profile.

classA link classAny valid string
titleA link textAny valid string
user_idUser ID. Author ID if empty.Any valid user ID
rawGet raw URL or link layout.False, true


[um_author_profile_link title="User profile" user_id="29"]Visit Author Profile[/um_author_profile_link]

Role Specific Content [um_show_content]

Show custom content to specific role

rolesShow to rolesComma separated Role Slug
notExcludes rolesComma separated Role Slug
is_profileUser idAny valid user ID


[um_show_content roles='member,candidates,pets']Your Text[/um_show_content]

Content for Logged Out Visitors [um_loggedout]

Logged-out only content


[um_loggedout]Your Text[/um_loggedout]

Content for Logged In Members [um_loggedin]

Logged-in only content


[um_loggedin show_lock="yes" lock_text="insert content here"]Your Text[/um_loggedin]
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