User Broadcast

Send Personalized Email Directly from WordPress dashboard.

  • Send Email to Multiple Users
  • Send Email by User Role
  • Dynamic User Data
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Send email to users from WP Dashboard


Struggling to send emails to multiple WordPress users?


Copying and pasting email addresses and user data is time-consuming.


Switching between email marketing platforms disrupts your workflow.

Send Email to Multiple Users

With User Broadcast, reaching out to multiple users has never been easier. Whether you need to send a message to specific individuals or broadcast to a larger audience, our plugin simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your message.

Send Email by User Role

With User Broadcast, you can target users based on their roles, whether they're clients, students, subscribers, or members. Say goodbye to juggling between different platforms – now, you can manage it all effortlessly from your WordPress admin.

Personalize with Smart {{variables}}

Make your messages stand out with personalized touches using smart variables. Easily insert dynamic content such as user meta fields to tailor your emails to each recipient. Whether it's addressing them by name or customizing content based on their profile, User Broadcast empowers you to connect on a deeper level. For example, use the {{ user.first_name }} variable to display the user’s name to personalize an email.

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