Sending Reminder Emails to Inactive Students – Tutor LMS

To encourage inactive students to resume their courses, you can send them automatic reminder emails with their course completion percentage and a link to the course. This can be easily done using the Tutor LMS Pro Email addon. With this feature, you can send reminder emails directly from the Tutor LMS platform.

Here’s the process:

1. Navigate to WP Admin > Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons
2. Enable the Email Addon
3. Navigate to Tutor LMS Pro > Settings > Email.
4. Enable the “Reminder to Inactive Students” trigger.
5. Customize the email template and specify the number of days of inactivity, after which the reminder email will be sent to students.

That’s how you can send an email reminder to the students and motivate them to continue their learning journey.

Available Tutor LMS Email Triggers

Students Email TriggersInstructor Email TriggersAdmin Email Triggers
1. Welcome Email After Registration
2. Course Enrolled
3. Reminder to Inactive Students
4. Email Notification for Comments in Lesson
5. Quiz Completed
6. Completed a Course
7. Removed From Course
8. Assignment Graded
9. New Announcement Posted
10. New Announcement Updated
11. Q&A Message Answered
12. Feedback Submitted for Quiz Attempt
13. Course Enrollment Expired
14. New Lesson Published
15. New Quiz Published
16. New Assignment Published
1. A Student Enrolled in Course
2. A Student Completed Course
3. A Student Completed Lesson
4. New Q&A Message
5. Email Notification for Comments in Lesson
6. Student Submitted Quiz
7. Student Submitted Assignment
8. Withdrawal Request Approved
9. Withdrawal Request Rejected
10. Withdrawal Request Received
11. Instructor Application Accepted
12. Instructor Application Rejected
13. Instructor Application Received
14. Instructor Course Published
15. An Instructor’s Course Rejected
1. New Instructor Signup
2. New Student Signup
3. New Course Submitted for Review
4. New Course Published
5. Course Edited/Updated
6. New Withdrawal Request
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