How to Make Ultimate Member User Profiles Private by Default

If you are using Ultimate Member, your member can set their Profile page to private. The user’s profile will then be accessible only to the user.

Allow users to customize their profile privacy

You can give uses the ability to set their profile privacy. They can only set their privacy settings after they register.

Ultimate Member Profile Privacy

Steps to enable Profile Privacy:

  1. Go to Ultimate Member > User Roles
  2. Select the Role you want to edit.
  3. Scroll down to Profile Access
  4. Enable “Can make their profile private?” field.
  5. Update Role

How Users can set their profile to Private

By using the “Profile Privacy” account option, any user can make their profile or user page private. In the account page go to privacy tab and change “Profile Privacy” field to “Only me”.

How to Make User Profiles Private by Default

There are no default settings that would make all user profiles private. But you may modify the privacy settings for all user profiles using the get_user_metadata filter.

// Set default profile privacy to 'Only me' for private profiles
function set_default_profile_privacy($profile_privacy, $object_id, $meta_key) {
    if ($meta_key === 'profile_privacy') {
        $profile_privacy = 'Only me';
    return $profile_privacy;

add_filter('get_user_metadata', 'set_default_profile_privacy', 30, 3);

Alternatively, there is the UM Account Privacy Control plugin. This plugin allows you to configure User Privacy Control from the WordPress Dashboard.

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