The Complete List of Tutor LMS Shortcodes and How to Use Them

Tutor LMS comes pre-packaged with a ton of shortcodes you can use to display various information. Here is your comprehensive list of all Tutor LMS shortcodes, along with how to use them.

Tutor LMS Shortcode Reference

Here’s a complete list of every available Tutor LMS shortcode. 

If you want to dig into the code, you can find a complete list of all Tutor LMS shortcodes and their parameters in /tutor/classes/Shortcodes.php

[tutor_course]Displays a single course or list of courses. Many options are available to filter & customize the output.

Available Parameters:
2. exclude_ids
3. category
4. orderby
5. order
6. count
7. column_per_row
8. course_filter
9. show_pagination
[tutor_dashboard]Displays student dashboard.
[tutor_student_registration_form]Display Student Registration form
[tutor_instructor_registration_form]Displays course instructor registration form.
[tutor_instructor_list]Displays list of course instructors.

Available Parameters:

1. column_per_row
2. filter
3. count
4. layout

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