The Complete List of Tutor LMS Shortcodes and How to Use Them

Tutor LMS comes pre-packaged with a ton of shortcodes you can use to display various information. Here is your comprehensive list of all Tutor LMS shortcodes, along with how to use them.

Tutor LMS Shortcode Reference

Here’s a complete list of every available Tutor LMS shortcode. 

If you want to dig into the code, you can find a complete list of all Tutor LMS shortcodes and their parameters in /tutor/classes/Shortcodes.php

[tutor_course]Displays a single course or list of courses. Many options are available to filter & customize the output.

Available Parameters:
2. exclude_ids
3. category
4. orderby
5. order
6. count
7. column_per_row
8. course_filter
9. show_pagination
[tutor_dashboard]Displays student dashboard.
[tutor_student_registration_form]Display Student Registration form
[tutor_instructor_registration_form]Displays course instructor registration form.
[tutor_instructor_list]Displays list of course instructors.

Available Parameters:

1. column_per_row
2. filter
3. count
4. layout

How to Use Them Tutor LMS Shortcodes

Tutor Course [tutor_course]

A list of courses.

Tutor LMS Course shortcode


idIDs of List of courses to displayAny valid course ID(s) (comma separated)
exclude_idsIDs of List of courses to excludeAny valid course ID(s) (comma separated)
categoryCourse categoryAny valid course category ID, slug, or term name
orderbyHow to order the coursesID, title, rand, date
orderSort orderDESC, ASC
countAny valid number
column_per_rowCourses per columnAny valid number
course_filterDisplay course filteron, off
show_paginationDisplay course paginationon, off


[tutor_course id="20,64" exclude_ids="567,332" category="18,19" orderby="ID" order="desc" count="3" column_per_row='3'
course_filter='off' show_pagination='on']

Tutor Dashboard [tutor_dashboard]

Tutor Dashboard for students

Instructor Registration Form [tutor_instructor_registration_form]

Instructor Registration

Instructor List [tutor_instructor_list]

Course instructor list



column_per_rowInstructors per columnAny valid course ID(s) (comma separated)
filterFilter attribute controls the presence of category, search, and rating filters in the instructor listing.on, off
countNumber of instructors to displayAny valid number
layoutlayout for the instructors’ listpp-top-full, pp-cp, pp-top-left, pp-left-middle, pp-left-full


[tutor_instructor_list column_per_row="1" filter=on count="2" layout="pp-top-left"]

Shortcode for Enrolled Courses

Custom shortcode for enrolled courses. Insert this snippet in your themes functions.php

* Enrolled Course Shortcode
function tutor_enrolled_course_register_shortcodes() {
    add_shortcode( 'enrolled-course', 'shortcode_tutor_enrolled_course' );
add_action( 'init', 'tutor_enrolled_course_register_shortcodes' );

 * Shortcode Callback
function shortcode_tutor_enrolled_course( $atts ) {
    <h3><?php _e('Enrolled Courses', 'tutor'); ?></h3>

    <div class="tutor-course-list tutor-grid tutor-grid-3">

        $user_id = get_current_user_id();
        $my_courses = tutor_utils()->get_enrolled_courses_by_user($user_id);

        if ($my_courses && $my_courses->have_posts()):
            while ($my_courses->have_posts()):
                $post = $my_courses->post;
                <div class="tutor-card tutor-course-card">
                    <?php tutor_load_template( 'loop.thumbnail' ); ?>

                    <div class="tutor-card-body">
                        <?php tutor_load_template( 'loop.rating' ); ?>
                        <div class="tutor-course-name tutor-fs-6 tutor-fw-bold tutor-mb-32">
                            <a href="<?php echo esc_url( get_the_permalink() ); ?>">
                                <?php the_title(); ?>
                        <div class="tutor-mt-auto">
                            <?php tutor_load_template( 'loop.enrolled-course-progress' ); ?>

                        <div class="tutor-mt-24">
                            <?php tutor_course_loop_price(); ?>

        else :
            tutor_utils()->tutor_empty_state( tutor_utils()->not_found_text() );



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